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"Balancing" Single

Released July 28, 2023, 2023 


(click on the cover art to listen)

Balancing Resized COVER ARTWORK.jpg

Life can be a fine balance. A balance of various emotions, experiences, relationships, or places to visit. Sometimes we can take on too much, sometimes we might not have enough.


"Balancing", a solo piano track, offers a calm and emotional melody that is accompanied by a balanced, supportive, and relaxing chord progression that offers peace and tranquility. The melody sings above, telling the story of the experiences that are to come.


A fine balance occurs between the two parts, offering a supportive approach to life’s challenges. Every challenge can be overcome when the right balance is in place. Having the right balance creates the opportunity for a centered perspective.


May this be the case as you listen to this piano track.

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